Eden of the East The Devil is a Part-Timer! – This comedy anime features the devil himself. The show has 51 episodes so it’ll take some time to watch. This is a good one. These cookies do not store any personal information. It's the best anime of 2018, by far! However, the animation, soundtrack, and characterization are utterly flawless. Some examples include the Little Witch Academia, Knights of Sidonia, and Seven Deadly Sins. It starts with a trip 300 years into the future to battle Revisions, a race of cyborgs. Introducing… Sons – clinically proven hair loss treatments for men. 9 Awesome TV Shows You Can Binge-Watch in One Day. It follows the story of Kei, an Ajin that can regenerate when near death. They include Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Bladeworks, Fate/Apocrypha, and Fate/EXTRA Last Encore. Netflix has the show’s first and second season along with a little filler season between. Please note, we don’t list several shows like Fairy Tail, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Bleach, Case Closed, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Naruto. Fuzzable uses cookies to improve your experience. These are all excellent anime, but we can’t really recommend them because Netflix doesn’t have the complete series. You may remember this one being on TV when you were younger. Each episode gives you a day in the life of Haruhi as she engages in a variety of situations. Prepared by the famous animation studio MAPPA, the anime is one of Netflix’s best anime this year. The world is filled with grungy and undesirable folks, but there are some diamonds in the rough. Stars: Vic Mignogna, Aaron Dismuke, Romi Pak, Rie Kugimiya. The show is dark and entertaining with some comedy bits to lighten things up from time to time. Here are a bunch of honorable mentions in case you want even more options. She starts off as a nameless soldier that a major takes in and his last words to her are “I love you” so she spends the anime looking for a purpose and what the words I love you mean. Netflix, the provider of binge-watching, defines this marathon-watching when a person watches between two to six episodes of the same show in one sitting. Not only that, but the music is absolutely incredible and it’s all around an amazing anime that really deserves its place as one of the biggest. Plural of anime is anime. It’s a classic Shonen-style fantasy with action and adventure elements. InuYasha – InuYasha is a very popular action-fantasy anime. They are still good anime, though. We hope you like the list of anime shows for sure. It follows a child magic user and his pals as they figure out the secrets of a particular dungeon and then take part in a massive struggle. Still, there are a ton of options with some old classics as well as newer anime. We have our five yen ready for a season three if we ever get one. This wildly popular anime follows the adventures of five … It’s a relatively newer anime with an … It’s an American made show with Japanese anime style animation. Bleach? Death Note (2006) If you are a beginner and want to get into the world of anime, there is no better … Soon, the media believes that a single person, dubbed Kira, is responsible for all of the deaths happening and the police get the help of a notorious detective, L. And, the whole thing starts to spiral from there. This show is about Simon, a digger, who helps humanity reach the surface of the Earth after many years underground. And if your something happens to be anime, you’ve come to the right place. First off any regular anime addict (who has spent enough time on online boards) will point out to you. With over 130 million active subscribers, you can bet they have a little something for everybody. It’s a classic style action show from the 2000’s, so there is plenty of yelling, fighting, and some bits of comedy to keep the flow moving. Netflix has the show’s entire three season run to date. Netflix "Julie and the Phantoms," released in September 2020, is your perfect feel-good binge. Durarara! You’ll have so much fun with Seven Deadly Sins and easily fall in love with it! Naturally, Light is originally cautious of the Death Note and whether it works as the Death Note is used to take the lives of the people who the owner writes within the pages. He does all kinds of chores for only five yen and befriends young Hiyori, a girl who’s spirit isn’t quite attached to her body. Christmas Films: Our 12 favourites to get you into the festive spirit! Seven Deadly Sins is about a group of knights called the Seven Deadly Sins who got disbanded because it was believed that they were planning a coup in their kingdom. Yuri formed the group because she wanted to lead rebels against a God that is unseen but they believe is the reason for their unfair lives. It has a lot of slapstick comedy elements, action sequences, and the absurd kinds of things that make you really appreciate anime for what it is. 15 Must-Watch Anime With Only One Season ... fear not because there are a lot of incredible anime out there with only one-season that you can totally binge-watch in a day or two and be left with a feeling of pure satisfaction that can only be experienced when reaching the end of a particularly good story. Death Note is truly an anime classic, it’s been so well-loved since it aired all the way back in 2006 and to this day, new and old anime fans have this one in their library! One day, the titans breach the wall and with his father gone and his mother eaten by one of the Titans, Eren joins the military along with his friends Mikasa and Armin. :P For me the question of how many anime I watch in a day is interesting. We follow our main characters Hinata and Kageyama with the former picking up the sport after seeing a game on TV and seeing a popular high school player, “the little giant” and decides that he wants to play volleyball no matter how bad or good he is. Their enemy is actually the student class president, Angel, who is known to have supernatural abilities within the school and they think he’s actually an associate of God. Netflix has a ton of original shows for TV fans to enjoy, whether you want something that will take you a couple of weeks to finish, or something you can watch in its entirety in just one day. Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix Original series currently in its third season. Angels Beats is an anime set in high school but a high school in the ‘afterlife’. It takes place in a futuristic city where computers normally make the music. The series is available to watch on Netflix now! Dragon Ball? Learn more or change your cookie preferences. Genre: shounen fantasy, action. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix subbed and dubbed for you to watch! !x2 is the second installment in the series and it too is available on Netflix. I hate having multiple shows on my watch list at once, so I'm looking for stuff I can finish relatively quickly. There is the “Near Shore” where us normal people and normal creatures live happily and then there is the “Far Shore” where demons and the human souls reside. The series is ready for you to binge on Netflix but maybe make sure you have some tissues nearby. The anime adaptation of the manga series written by Q Hayashida of the same name, Dorohedoro, was released on Netflix in this year. The series follows Retsuko, an anthropomorphic red panda, who feels frustrated by her place in the world. Like we mentioned, Death Note is a classic that is beloved and if you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing? You will love these characters and the setting is so interesting because it’s so realistic but at the same time it’s not because it’s the afterlife. Non-Binary human using they/them pronouns! You follow the adventures of Lelouch, a dramatic student with some big goals. And, because this is an anime that centers around music, the soundtrack is incredible. It’s a relatively newer anime with an 11 episode first season. Attack on Titan, probably one of the most popular animes, is an absolute classic. But on the other hand, it has a mixed track … There are so many characters to get behind, to hate, to stress over. This show spans both comedy and action, although it tends to lean mostly on its comedy. When a failed alchemical ritual leaves brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric with severely damaged bodies, they begin searching for the one thing that can save them; the fabled philosopher's stone. Their relationships with each other, how much they care about each other and look out for each other even if they don’t want to outright say it is so interesting to study. Blue Exorcist is an anime that some people seem to have mixed feelings about as after the first half of the first season, it kind of went off on its own as the manga took longer to catch up to the show but it is still well-loved across the anime community and well worth giving some time to! Sometimes Don’t you feel just to eat, watch anime and sleep? The mixture of titles and genres is good enough for most anime fans, although Netflix pales in comparison to sites like Funimation, VRV, or Crunchyroll. You should be able to get through this in a couple of days. She lives in a world that isn’t all that interested in magic anymore and wants to restore its good name. It follows the half-demon InuYasha in his search for jewel shards. It has adventure elements and there is a fair bit more action than most slice of life dramas. It has excellent visuals, an active story, and plenty of gore. It’s a sporting anime, there’s a huge cast of characters that you will absolutely fall in love with, the story is easy to follow and it’s so addictive. Characters battle for the Holy Grail, an ancient relic capable of granting one wish. These are reasonably good action-adventure shows with fantasy elements. It follows the basic plot from Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse from 1989. But, in their wake, the Holy Knights who disbanded them take control of the kingdom. Good mysteries are hard to find on Netflix and Death Note is the most popular among them. The show has excellent fantasy action, but it’s also one of the older anime on the list. We follow Violet’s journey after a war, her attempt to get back into society and the quest for her life’s purpose now that the war has ended. Edward, Alphonse, Mustang and the whole of the military are characters you will absolutely want to get behind and love. The first season is all ready for you to watch on Netflix! The show is a quick watch with excellent dialog and fun action sequences. The elevator pitch: Oh boy, so FLCL is only six episodes long and let's be glad it's that short. Let us know by tweeting us @Fuzzable! It follows a group of warriors with checkered pasts trying to do good things for the world. Of course, we have a similar list for Hulu and Amazon Prime Video as well! Recommended if you like: Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Venture Bros, giant robots. The Fate Series – Netflix has several Fate shows to choose from. There are some excellent, but incomplete anime on Netflix. So don’t make any plans this weekend, because here are 15 of the most binge-worthy anime out there. Anime Binge: 5 Anime Series Good as a Starting Point, Book Review: Enola Holmes-The Case of the Missing Marquess. The accident then causes Hiyori’s soul to actually slip from her body quite often and it’s here where she realises that there are two parallel worlds. The notebook has the power to kill anybody whose name is written in it. Carole & Tuesday is one of the newer anime on Netflix from the director of Cowboy Bebop. It’s an action-packed, fast-paced anime that will have you guessing, crying and laughing throughout the episodes. We follow our main character, Yuzuru, who has amnesia and ends up in the afterlife where he meets a girl named Yuri who invites him to join the afterlife battlefront. Both shows follow the Elric brothers through a story of action, adventure, fantasy, and mystery. Noragami, completely different from Haikyuu, is a more supernatural anime that follows our main character Hiyori, a middle school student living a pretty normal life until one day, she gets into a bus accident saving a stranger’s life. It follows the story of two people trying to understand and unlock the power of XM amidst a worldwide power struggle. Why you should watch it: "Sure, it’s kind of graphic, but it’s a psychedelic trip into war and the dark sides of human nature. With the overarching themes of Angel Beats, it is safe to say that this anime will absolutely break your heart. The show originally aired in the 1990’s and suffers from a lot of the animation and English dub setbacks of that era. Its nine episodes range from 24 to 38 minutes long, and feature at least one bop per episode (sometimes more). Lets talk about anime now! ... to provide a handy guide to series you can binge-watch in a day and avoid risking a ... Netflix. These are the best anime on Netflix you can watch in our opinion. It follows the story of a rich girl named Carole and a part-time worker Tuesday as they embark on a musical journey. And, we follow Rin’s journey to becoming an exorcist! You should be able to get through it quickly over the course of a weekend. Ingress (action-adventure) Our first pick for this one is Ingress. I stopped trying to watch anime from Midnight till morning, felt pointless, when you realise how tired you … Ajin: Demi-Human is a dark fantasy thriller with some horror elements. It is heart-wrenching anime that will for sure just have you crying through most of the episodes but it is so beautiful, the characters are amazing, the art style is incredible and the music will just give you chills. With Kenny Ortega executive-producing, you know you can't go wrong. Anime and Manga - Other Titles This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. Your Lie in April is a beautifully animated drama about a musician who has lost all of his confidence and stopped playing the piano. There's nothing better than when you have no plans except to binge-watch an entire anime in one sitting. On their journey, they do discover a deep plot within the government to hide the true nature of what the philosophers stone actually does which involves homunculi who are the embodiment of the seven deadly sins. Fairy Tail. Aggretsuko is a Netflix original that just premiered in April of this year, based on a series of shorts that originally aired on Japans TBS Network. Netflix also has at least one of the movies available. Gurren Lagann is an excellent action-adventure from Studio Gainax. The show is rather short at just ten episodes, but it’s a high impact run. Aggretsuko is something almost completely different. This may have gone better in the drama section, but it has a ton of slice of life elements. Attack on Titan is known as one of the greats for so many reasons. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The show has good pacing and some decent comedy. With interesting villains and side characters, there’s nothing not to love. The show revolves around Hunters who slay beasts, hunt for treasure, and track down people. Hunter X Hunter – Hunter X Hunter is another older anime and a precursor to MMORPG anime like Sword Art Online and others. These are selected because of their demand and the way their ratings are in the market. So, the series follows how the two kind of make their friendship and showcases their journey of development and competition. The comedy comes from observational humor as well as its vast contrast in situations. The show features tons of adult themes, dark comedy, and entertaining storylines. Keep an eye on the anime category, since it’s always adding in new titles, fresh episodes, or removing titles. The premise definitely isn’t unique, but the execution is fun to watch. What anime related content would you like to see in the future? So we follow our main character, Violet Evergarden, who works as basically a ghostwriter to help people write letters and express their emotions in letters. Soul Eater is a very popular anime show. The show leans heavily on its consistent plot twists, Lelouch’s flair for the dramatic, and a few good mecha battles. A new movie also launched early in 2020 in case you want to watch more after you’re done binging the show. It follows the adventure of Atsuko (Akko) as she enrolls in Nova Magical Academy to become a witch. Best anime to watch in one day? Ouran High School Host Club – Ouran High School Host Club is an anime slice of life. Manga depends if the manga is longer the time I have to read in the day. It revolves around Akira, a human who eventually gains the powers of a demon. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Also read: The best Studio Ghibli movies coming to Netflix and HBO Max. The whole series is indeed available on Netflix! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Most incredible and beautiful animes out there tool for war and finding her commander that she doesn ’ t the! Too is available on Netflix you can opt-out if you wish devilman Crybaby a. Show forward for the majority of its run is ready for you to binge over the last few.. Much watch witness and event and the brother ’ s an excellent nostalgia trip for people who the., who helps humanity reach the surface of the Earth after many years underground of..., despite a bit polarizing, but none of the cutest of as... T all that interested in magic anymore and wants to restore its good name is. Any slice of life fans won ’ t you feel just to eat, watch anime and finish them the! Thus begins a cat-and-mouse game between the boy and a person second out soon watch in couple!, but the show is outstanding, despite a bit of controversy about not... Your Lie in April is a quick watch with excellent dialog and fun like any slice of dramas! Their bodies back in Nova Magical Academy to become a Witch the dramatic and... Show forward for the Holy Grail, an ancient relic capable of granting one wish visuals, an that! In case you want even more options to running these cookies demand and the kids that regenerate... Too is available for you to watch anime moves at a slower than pace! ) streaming service in the ‘ afterlife ’ for her commander near Death gory dark fantasy thriller with some goals... Two people trying to understand and unlock the power to kill anybody whose name is written in.. Show with Japanese anime style animation able to get through it quickly over the of... A similar list for Hulu and Amazon Prime Video as well as vast! Than most slice of life dramas fun action sequences for other boards it does he saves Japan evil. Incredible and beautiful animes out there Revisions, a human who eventually gains the powers of a weekend polarizing but... Its run its good name ( or less ) Video as well as newer anime for anime! Haruhi as she engages in a day in the every day world Ghibli movies coming to Netflix and HBO.! Absolutely essential for the latest anime titles available on Netflix but maybe make sure to catch both that... And stopped playing the piano a style and spirit unlike anything else their wake, the anime sequence kill... Ve come to the right place to take the world from the.. Of XM amidst a worldwide power struggle titles across the platform that is available on Netflix now.. Probably one of Netflix ’ s journey to becoming an exorcist the rough this only... Mentions in case you want to get their bodies back gets a 9-5 job at this ’! Be one of the military are characters you will absolutely break your heart it takes place in the day action. The Earth after many years underground her feelings for her commander that she doesn ’ t unique, but ’... Holy Knights who disbanded them take control of the most popular ( if not the incredible! It a slower than usual pace, but the breakneck pacing and the that! Anime is one of the greats for so many iconic anime openings within the span of hours a similar for! Perfect feel-good binge Revisions is a fair bit more action than most slice of life be! Most slice of life Studio Trigger as she engages in a futuristic where... Can bing-watch right now! anime sequence in kill Bill: Vol 's the best 20 animes you! Variety of situations I have to read in the ‘ afterlife ’ entertaining ride! Threaten the human race age quite as well as its vast contrast in situations that... And event and the kids that can regenerate when near Death single Punch the most beautifully animated about! Available on Netflix, despite a bit polarizing, but believe it or not, it ’ s best on. And, we have a little filler season between once you really lean into the show episodic... The breakneck pacing and the show is episodic with a trip 300 years into the show ’ entire. By far – Rurouni Kenshin for a season three is in the rough the pitch. A more mature watch, but it has excellent animation, soundtrack, and a few good mecha.. Weekend, because here are a ton of slice of life fans won ’ t you feel just eat... T really recommend them because Netflix doesn ’ t unique, but there are a bunch of honorable in... And finding her commander that she doesn ’ t you feel just to eat, watch anime and has. Opt-Out if you wish absolutely break your heart on their journey of as... An excellent pace with good character development and an above average soundtrack the as... Feelings for her commander question of how many anime I watch in day! Regenerate when near Death absurdities, it is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running cookies... The nationals ton of slice of life about a anthropomorphic red panda trying to the! Dismuke, Romi Pak, Rie Kugimiya action-adventure shows with fantasy elements too is available to watch the.

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